Capital Letter Multi-Names Necklace

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  • 14" - 16" | 35cm - 40 cm
  • 16" - 18" | 40cm - 45 cm
  • 18" - 20" | 45cm - 50 cm
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Evoke the essence of family, friendship, or shared moments with our personalized multi-name necklace. A unique piece where you can engrave up to five names in bold uppercase, each representing a story, a connection, a memory.

At My Little Necklace, each piece of jewelry is a blank page, ready to be filled with your most precious stories. Custom-made and on order, this necklace becomes a treasure of memory, where each engraved name becomes a shining star in the constellation of your life.

Offered in gold, silver, or rose gold finishes, this necklace blends harmoniously with all styles. The bold uppercase contrasts with the chain's delicacy, creating an aesthetic balance that catches the eye while remaining subtle.

Wearing a personalized necklace means choosing to keep close to your heart what matters most. It's a daily reminder of the people who have shaped our lives, the moments that have defined our journey. With the multi-name necklace from My Little Necklace, celebrate love, family, friendship, and the unbreakable bonds that connect loved ones.

Choose a piece of jewelry that tells your story, speaks of your roots, your affections, and your passions. At My Little Necklace, we believe that every name has its own magic, and we are here to help you capture it.

The personalized necklace, a ready-to-gift present

A stylish jewelry pouch

Your customizable MyLittleNecklace comes in a soft and durable pouch. A gift box is also available as an option. The white casing and the black interior form a simple and elegant case; all that's left is to present your gift. Since unwrapping a gift is an unforgettable moment, we've designed a holding system that highlights the necklace.

A complimentary microfiber cloth

Although all our jewelry is made from stainless steel, a corrosion-resistant metal, the MyLittleNecklace team advises you to avoid contact with harsh products like dish soap and to remove your necklace before showering. Despite these precautions, time, exposure to the sun, and dust can dull your customizable necklace's original shine. To help you maintain your jewelry, we offer a microfiber cloth. This small cloth is designed to easily and efficiently clean all your pieces made by MyLittleNecklace. When dry, it captures fine particles. When dampened with clear water, the microfiber cloth effectively degreases your jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Can I shower with my My Little Necklace piece?
Yes, our necklaces are made to be water-resistant.

Q: Can I have a name in special characters (like Arabic, Russian, etc.)?
We now offer the option to write names in the language of your choice! All special characters are also possible (e.g., @, $, &, *, ♡, ...).

Q: Can I include a space in the name?
This option isn't available for this model.

Q: Can I add accents to the name?
Absolutely, you can include any accent of your choice. Please ensure the name is written with its accents when placing your order.

Q: Do you have any stock?
No, at My Little Necklace, all our necklaces are unique. This means we begin crafting your necklace once the order is placed. Each necklace is therefore one-of-a-kind and made upon order receipt.

Q: Can I adjust my necklace?
A: YES! We understand that not everyone likes to wear their necklace the same way. That's why most of our necklaces are available in three sizes, each with a 5cm extension (35+5cm, 40+5cm, 45+5cm) so you can style your necklace as you prefer.

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