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"Mama Necklace"  - Limited Edition


🚨 Only available for a limited time 🚨

This year, we prepared you a all-in-one gift for Mother's Day!

By far the best gift you could get to the most important woman in the world ❤️

Hurry up while it's still available: with our special Mother's Day Bundle, you will get $50 worth of products for half the price🔥


Jewellery is always a good idea 💎 

An elegant piece of jewellery with the inscription "Mama", tastefully crafted with subtle French detailing at the highest level of craftsmanship. Our luxurious jewellery designed for Mother's Day is available in Gold color and will definitely have a WOW effect!

Something made exclusively for you to express your mother's uniqueness. 

Crafted from stainless steel and plated with gold, rose gold or silver. Our necklaces have an adjustable length of 15.75 - 17.75 inches, and a thickness of 0.08 inches, allowing you to adjust the way you wear it. Wear it your way.

FREE Premium Box 🎁

This limited edition necklace will be delivered on time for Mother's Day in a FREE premium gift box!


Please note that if you add to your order any other necklace available on our website (at the exception of our Mama necklace), delivery won't be guaranteed for Mother's Day.



Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Can I shower with my My Little Necklace?
Yes, our necklaces are made to resist water. However, in order for them to retain their former shine, we recommend not to get them wet. It is, therefore, possible to take it in the shower, but we do not recommend it.

Q: Do you have any inventory?
Yes, but only for this special necklace! We have a total of exactly 500 Mama necklaces so get yours ASAP! Mother's Day is around the corner. 

Q: Can I adjust my necklace? 
YES! Our necklaces are adjustable. We understand not everybody likes to wear our necklaces the same way, this is why we added an extension so you can wear it with style.

Notice for gold plating:

Gold-plated jewelry can tarnish and flake over time, so they require special attention on a daily basis. Avoid wearing them when washing dishes or doing other household chores, remove them before showering and be sure to store them in their original packaging. When your jewel begins to tarnish you can let it soak in warm water with Marseille soap to give it a second youthfulness.

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